From the Chair

Hi all


Are you up for the challenge, the 2017 season is now over, congrats to all of you that achieved what you wanted and good luck to all for what is coming. If you are going away please travel safely, if you are staying at home make sure you have all the spares and get your cars prepared as 2018 is going to see some changes to Super Saloons, going back to a closer grouping of like timed cars like previous years and some close and competitive racing. As a club we endeavoured to promote the bigger cars but have realised that a stronger mid pack will create bigger fields, closer racing and no politics. The time based classes mean that you can race your car without having to spend money doing any upgrades and cars doing similar times will all compete against one another. For cost cutting cars will be able to run on semi slicks which will also last better and be more consistent so we believe many competitors will be going that way.  We are currently working on some competitor incentives, one of which will definitely be for competitors using Yokohama tyres who will score points towards winning some tyres. The more people that respond positively to this mail will mean the more incentives we are able to get sponsors for. We have just received a draft calendar so will give guideline of events for now but this could still possibly change


17 February               Midvaal

17 March                    Zwartkops

2 June                         Red Star

7 July                          Midvaal

4 August                     Red Star

25 August                   Phakisa

15 September             Red Star

13 October                 Zwartkops

17 November             Red Star


For 2017 the club has finished the year with hosting what we believe was a very successful year end function and still has a balance in the bank account, we would like to approach some sponsors and get a promotional package for the club  for 2018 and try to put a television package together. To assist with this we need to get some commitment from competitors if you will be competing with us in 2018 and for us to start doing press leading up to our first event. February may seem a long time away but it really does not give us much time to prepare as we would like to have Super Saloons the best place to race for 2018.


Confirmed drivers for 2018, lets add your name to the list  


Riaan Draper                        4 cyl spaceframe

Amos Cockeram Jnr             Rotary spaceframe

Dawie Fourie                         4 cyl spaceframe

Devin Robertson                   Lotus Exige 4 cyl normally aspirated

Amos Cockeram Snr             Rotary spaceframe

Jo Anne Cockeram               4 Cyl spaceframe

JB Breedt                               300 ZX Turbo

Marius Jacobs                       Turbo 4 cyl spaceframe

Eugene Gouws                      Little Chevy Can Am

Marius Jackson                     Audi TT

Karel Stols                             Mazda RX7 Turbo


Please put next to your name confirmed and what car you will be riding if you plan to join us in 2018


Mano Athanassiou

Willie Hepburn

Stewart McLarty

Raymond Goodrich

Franco Di Matteo

JP Nortje

JP Bolhman

Adrian Dalton

Antonie Marx

Brendon Maartens

Piet Nortje

Richard Cooley

Fred Kruger

Paul Saayman

Johan Niemandt

Van Niekerk brothers

Alex Knoetze

Auke Compaan

Schalk Compaan

Paul Lange

Mike Meyer

Brent van Mentzinger   

Nico Vorster


Add your name if you are not here and come race with us in 2018


Justin Robertson

Big Boss Auto

011 907 0678/ 0874