Chairman’s report

Hi everybody

It is almost time for Phakisa again. Thanks to those that have already entered, looks like we are going to have a good grid. Entry form and Regs are available on our website for those that have not entered. We do two sprint races at Phakisa and not the endurance event. Championships are all still very close and remember we get bonus points for racing at the Phakisa event so with the increase in value of points as we head into the end of the season a good race here can make a difference to your standings. This is Round 7 of the Championship.  Final two rounds will be at Zwartkops.

At the noggin a hamper from MOTUL and Index trophies were handed out to the winners from Dezzi and all present were happy with having participated at DEZZI. Altogether a good event for our club. Our next noggin will be at the MOTUL museum on the 20th September after Phakisa, a real treat for any petrol head. Snacks will be provided for all that attend.

For rules for 2019 we discussed at the noggin making the time groups closer, so the gap will only be two seconds and not as we had with 3 seconds in 2018. This will enable competitors to be even more competitive in their classes. It will mean adding one more class but if we can increase the number of entries then this will easily be accommodated. We want to give every competitor as best chance as possible to be competitive. IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS ON RULES FOR 2019, PLEASE SUBMIT TO JUSTIN on

For scrutineering at all events please take your personal gear and helmet with you as the scrutineers are also required to check this. I will be sending out a technical sheet which will assist that you can check your vehicle to ensure that it is easier to scrutineer. Remember these people are tasked with a job to help ensure your safety, so please always be courteous with officials as they are doing a job to make our racing safer and more enjoyable.

On Saturday 25th August there is a special practice day at Midvaal for any Clubmans members which Nino has offered at no cost. The idea is to invite new people and let them experience long circuit racing and an opportunity for the guys to get together and have some fun together. There will be a braai for lunch time and Nino will have some braai packs available that people can purchase. Many thanks to Midvaal for this offer to do a free practice in the interest of growing the category. Please let him know if you plan to attend that he can cater for you with braai packs. NINO  0827744285.