NEXT EVENT – 2018?

Our Annual Prize Giving took place last night and we would hereby congratulate all our Champions. Photographs by the official photographer Bronwyn Langeveldt


2018 Rules will be submitted to MSA soon, but here are the basics

Supersaloon classes

A       1.04 and faster

B        1.04 to 1.07

C         1.07 to 1.10

D         1.10  and slower


A          1.10  and faster

B           1.10 to  1 .13

C           1.13  to  1.16

D           1.16 and slower

Some of the basics

6 rounds to be a championship contender

Break out by less than .5 of a second and you can opt to stay in that class but receive a 15 second penalty for the session where you broke out .

There are break out times for all tracks, examples quoted are Zwartkops times 

If you break out in first 6 events you take all your points with you to next class

Last three events you take 90% of your points with you

First heat grid works according to qualifying fastest lap times to pole

Second heat is inverted according to lap times and grouped according to class. 



Results and points will only be posted after Prize Giving 17 Nov.