Proposed Regulations for

2015 Super Saloon Class SS D and Sports Racing Class SR D

As Promised, here are the Guidelines for 2015 Super Saloons Class SSD and Sports Racing Class SRD (The Regulations are identical for both Classes), this means that two people could buy one car and each run it in two heats of each Championship on the same day. Having done it with my TT Spaceframe, using this Specification, in 2006/7 whereby the car was raced by different drivers in Super Saloons and Silvercup at every meeting it can be done!

Spec Built Space Frame, all identical including all suspension mounting points , shocks, wishbones , springs etc, ie the complete rolling Chassis
Toyota 20 Valve Black top Motor, standard with a “claim value”
5 Speed Toyota Gearbox, Standard Ratios.
13 x 8 A/Line Wheels (Standard Spec supplied by Big Boss)
13 ” Yokohama Semi Slicks, controlled and numbered.
Ford Stub Axles and Standard Callipers.
Ford Diff, Final Diff Ratio will be stipulated and be used at all tracks.
Association stipulated management system.
Standard Flywheel with Button Clutch
Exhaust system will be “specked and supplied by one manufacturer from Branch to tailpipe and may not be altered”
Due to the need to minimize the Chassis Specs, only two Body Shapes will be permitted, being Tigra and Renault, however “owners” of either shape will be “teamed up” to introduce a Team Challenge.

The first prototype is well on its way to completion, and for this I must thank Telscrew Products, Big Boss, AJC Motorsport, and everyone else for their contributions.

Proposed 2015 MPC Regulations

OK everybody, let me start off by making it clear that these are not official 2015 MPC Regulations, these are the FIRST proposed drafts of the 2015 Regulations, and like all MPC Regulations, the intention is to be realistic, but simple, keeping protests minimal. However please keep in mind that MPC are a REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and in order to obtain your “Colours” you should be competing against the best, nuff said!

Class T 
F.W.D Monocoque Saloon Cars, Forced Induction with a rated engine capacity up to 2600cc, split into two groups, T1 and T2

T1. Vehicles competing on 15′ Wheels maximum diameter.
1000 KG Minimum weight including driver.
These vehicles are permitted wide arch body modifications.
Body and Engine must be from the same Manufacturer.
Standard Production Gearbox, (Ratios are free.)

T2 Vehicles competing on Wheels exceeding 15″ diameter.
Maximum tyre width 235/
1100kg Minimum Weight
No wide arch body modifications, fenders to original profile.
Vehicles must represent a Production Vehicle sold in volume.

Now to put the cat amongst the pigeons, some suggestions are that these two Classes should be Classes A1 and A2 and that they should compete with the current Class A cars which should then have a Minimum weight of 850 kg.

Moving along, you ask, What about the current Class A cars that cannot get done to the 850kg minimum weight limit?

Class B1
FWD Monocoque Saloon Cars with a rated engine capacity from 1701cc to 2150 cc (Multivalve Engines)
Minimum Weight 1050 kg Including Driver
No wide body fender arch modifications
15″ Wheels (Stewart)

See some more pics of our history through Louis Gouws’s lens from the 80′s (About us – Clubmans history)

L Goldfields Gideon Delport 1.jpg Colin Clay 1.jpg



CLASS A        Matty Maartens        Jaguar V8

CLASS A2     Eugene Gouws      Chev Can Am

CLASS B   Jody Viana    Mazda RX8 Rotary

Class B2    Chris Hoy    Renault Megane Turbo

Class C    Rian van Niekerk     Tigra Toyota


CLASS A   Dirk Lawrence    Honda Ballade (3rd Overall & 1st Saloon in 2HR)

JDM Team


CLASS B    Giles Darroch/Paul van Niekerk    VW Golf (4th Overall in 2Hr)

CLASS C    Edwin van Niekerk    Renault Sandero


CLASS A       Josh Broome

CLASS B2      Phillip/Wayne Emmenis

Class C      Sebastian Bergman

Well done GRD Racing

GRD Racing 1 GRD Racing 2

 See in Classifieds, Jaguar & Clio Rotary For Sale

George Smith Jag 1A gf1




6 Zwartkops 26.7

Phakisa Saturday 21 June


Dirk Lawrence 3rd Overall and first Class A MPC

w dirk 4.jpg

2hr – 4th Overall and MPC’s Class B winners Giles Darroch and Paul van Niekerk 

giles 4


Matty Maartens took 1st Overall in his Jaguar

DP m3 ss matty 04

Jody Viana was victorious in Class B and 2nd Overall

m3 ss jody 08 DP