NEXT EVENT – Midvaal 7 July

Please see next Midvaal race entry form, regs and programme above

After what was a cold start to Midvaal turned out to be a good day racing on the 2nd June, well done to all our trophy winners and to those that got their index trophies at the noggin, the championship is still very close. Exciting news for three of our members as they prepare to be treated to a fully expenses paid trip to the Le Mans classic over the first weekend in July courtesy of our sponsors MOTUL, all reservations are made, and it looks to be an epic trip, sure they are going to enjoy. We handed out a R 1000.00 Motul hamper at the noggin which went to one lucky member just for attending and two product hampers were given to two Motul representative drivers in our club.

Richard Berner and Marius Jacobs are representing Super Saloons as driver reps to try and conjour up some more support in the class. There are many potential race cars that are not getting raced and this class has the ability to deliver some awesome racing and good following, we will arrange a separate meeting with potential drivers to give the class more support, please contact one of them if you want to have some input in improving the grids in the category or myself also.

To avoid any issues with the grids in future we have Divan who has volunteered to assist us with a dedicated person doing the grids for the club it will take him a couple of minutes before each race and some time with the time keeper to ensure that our grids are correct in future, thank you for volunteering to assist  Divan. Next race event will be at Midvaal and the regs are out so get your entries in, we will have the historic tour joining us, so it will be another full and interesting event. Let’s see if we can reach the magic 30 for our grid this event.

Next noggin will be something different. we have booked for a 2 hour go kart challenge at the Ridgeway indoor go kart track at Greenstone on the 12 July. Race with the club at Midvaal and you pay only R 150.00 FOR YOUR SLOT IN A 6 MAN TEAM. Normal entry fee is R 300.00 if you do not race at Midvaal. There are 6 teams with 6 drivers each which will be done on a draw basis. Pizza will be supplied by Big Boss Auto and there is a cash bar at the venue. We will go through formalities for the noggin from 7 and would aim to start the race by 7:45 pm. Please reply to  to reserve your

spot bearing in mind that preference will be given to those that race at Midvaal so come and race at Midvaal and then come enjoy the noggin.

Following event after Midvaal will be DEZZI so the away trip you have all been waiting for. We will have a braai at the track on the Friday night at DEZZI

Justin Robertson

Big Boss Auto

011 907 0678/ 0874



MPC  A Keagan Pottas,  B Ian Ehlers,  C Wayne Labotschy,  D Michael Frade,               E Nicholas Cleary

Super Saloons  B Richard Berner,  C Dawie Fourie

SRA  David Coetzee,


We as motorsport fans and competitors would like to make a difference and do some improvements to the Midvaal raceway facility. Midvaal has a long history of having great spirit and character when it comes to Northern Regions motorsport and always has an open-door policy to each and every competitor and spectator. We as true petrol heads can give some support back to the facility. We are embarking on a campaign to assist with some maintenance and upgrades to the facility. Starting with the entrance, clubhouse and ablution facilities and we can hopefully later extend our work to other areas of the venue, but most importantly we need your support. Our first work day will be on Sunday 24 JUNE 2018 when whoever is willing to assist will be getting together and doing what we can. The track will be open for practice on this day and instead of paying to practice we are asking you to rather bring hardware supplies to gain access to the track, here is a list of some of the basics we are looking for

White Dulux weather guard paint

White enamel paint

Brushes, rollers and pans for PVA and enamel, scrapers, wire brushes & rags

Thinners, turps

Cement, ready mix, tar mix

Weed killer, drop sheets, rakes, spades, heavy duty brooms

Potting soil, plants

Plumbing supplies will be purchased from the donations to revamp the bathrooms and we have one plumber volunteered already.

And yes, some charcoal, braai meat, beers and cold drinks for the workers, as we will have a braai for lunch to keep everybody fuelled. Please also bring a photo of you or your race car as we will be doing a wall of recognition inside the clubhouse to say thanks for all those that can assist. If anybody is in the building trade and can offer any type of assistance or staff at any time, please give me a call and we will try administering any help we receive.

To boost this cause, we have already received some cash donations to purchase required supplies which we are very grateful for and will put to good use

Historic register south Africa        R 5000.00

Big Boss Auto                              R 5000.00

MOTUL Clubmans Association    R 3000.00

Track will still be open for normal practice and for those not involved in the revamp plan, normal practice fees will apply. Hope to see you there, supplies and all, lets help improve this venue as we will all benefit from our efforts for a long time to come.

Justin Robertson

Big Boss Auto

011 907 0678/ 0874   

Breakout times for all our circuits are now available, see above under 2018 Championship

Motul is new title sponsor for modified production cars for 2018 . Great news for clubmans competitors. Awesome product range that provides all your race car requirements. Special discount on all motul products for your race car . And a discount from retail for all your other cars . Keegan Pottas and Giles Darroch have received full product sponsorship for the season . We aim to have good incentives for all our members . Yokohama motorsport will be giving incentives for all members that race on yokohamas tyres . Index trophies for 1 st 2nd and 3rd at all events. Guarantee trophies for every class up to third at every event . Driver of the day award is back for every event with an award at the noggin for the recipient . Big boss auto will have a discount structure for members on many products . This is some of the news so far share this post that your friends know where to come race . Thank you motul for the support – Justin Robertson