CLASS A        Larry Wilford       Chev Corvette

CLASS A2      Lionel Kruger      Tigra Turbo

CLASS B   Jody Viana    Mazda RX8 Rotary (new lap record for Amos Jnr)

Class B2    Devin Robertson    Renault Megane Turbo

Class C    Corrie Steyn     Peugeot Honda


CLASS A   Dirk Lawrence    Honda Ballade

CLASS B    Adrian Dalton    VW Golf

CLASS C    Kevin Miller    Ford Ikon (new lap record)

7 ws Midvaal

2015 – MPC’s Classes T & A

Class T
F.W.D Monocoque Saloon Cars, Forced Induction with a rated engine capacity up to 2600cc.

Vehicles competing on 15′ Wheels maximum diameter.
1000 KG Minimum weight including driver.
These vehicles are permitted wide arch body modifications.
Body and Engine must be from the same Manufacturer.
Standard Production Gearbox, (Ratios are free.)

Vehicles competing on Wheels exceeding 15″ diameter.
Maximum tyre width 235/
1100kg Minimum Weight
No wide arch body modifications, fenders to original profile.

Standard Production Gearbox. (Ratios are free)
Vehicles must represent a Production Vehicle sold in volume

Class A

F.W.D. Monocoque .Saloon Cars and Bakkies with a rated engine capacity from 1701cc to 2150cc. (Multivalve Engines)

Minimum Weight 900 KG including Driver.

            3.2.1 Class A2 This Class will compete completely within Class A AND SCORE POINTS ACCORDINGLY AS IF THEY WERE COMPETING IN Class A. The Class A2 competitor achieving the highest points tally throughout the year will be the Class A2 Champion.

Minimum Weight 1050 KG including driver.

2015 – Super Saloons Class D.

                         Space frame vehicles, built to a controlled set of regulations, powered by a Standard Specification 1600cc 20 Valve Toyota Motor.

                         Association Specified Gearbox, Diff and Suspension.

                         13” Wheels on Association Specified Semi-Slicks

                         *Note- A Full set of Regulations for Class D, MUST be obtained from the Association and SIGNED for by all Competitors wishing to participate in Class D. 

See some more pics of our history through Louis Gouws’s lens from the 80’s (About us – Clubmans history)

L Goldfields Gideon Delport 1.jpg Colin Clay 1.jpg

See in Classifieds MPC Golf, Super Saloons Mazda RX7

20140911_173127a z ss marcel 101_6822.jpg,

Jaguar & MPC Bakkie For Sale

George Smith Jag 1A Bantam 2