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To all Clubman’s associates and drivers, go out and get yourself a copy of Motorsport World, there will now be coverage of our category’s and advertising for all our upcoming events. It comes out tomorrow, (every second week), so keep an eye out for it and pass on the word to all motorsport fans to keep themselves up to date with this publication. Justin


Congratulations to Justin for putting this deal together, Super Saloons will have an advert in Motorsport World prior to every race event, advertising the fact that we will be racing at X-Circuit on X-date, so your sponsors and friends will get their value etc. Then after each event an article will be published. We are in the process of negotiating a similar deal with Auto Week, so now you and your sponsors are being covered and exposed by all aspects of the Media.

There really is only one TEAM to be racing with! Clubmans Association - Super Saloons, Sports Racing Association and Modified Production Cars. Stewart


Channel 189
14 March 06:00 & 16:00
15 March 04:00 & 12:00
16 March 11:00
17 March 19:00
18 March 23:00
19 March 03:00
20 March 07:00

Will all competitors please ensure that the cars in Super Saloons. MPC and SRA comply with the Association Sponsors Sticker requirements. It remains the competitors responsibility to collect these ‘STICKER PACKS” from BIG BOSS, either at the track or from the shop in Alberton. Justin will have a diagram showing the preference for where the stickers should go. We accept that your own decals and paintwork might necessitate a slight variation, but all the stickers must be on the cars. There has been some confusion with the top of the windscreen sticker, please make sure that you comply with the correct sticker for your Category.
 JSR will be competing in MPC this year MPC had great foresight to start a Turbo class for FWD drive cars, this gives a huge opportunity for ex production cars and FWD turbo cars to be competitive in a fair like for like class. Weight and tyre size will play a role in making it all fair. This will be the class to be in FWD Turbo cars are becoming an everyday sight modified or off the factory floor. With some marketing this class will be fast fierce and competitive and will allow drivers to pit their skills against some really fast drivers such as Devin Robertson who drives Liqui Moly Renault Megane (ex- production car) in the series. The class was small first time out at Midvaal, but I was approached by many drivers and spectators for more info on the class and the response was positive. So if you have a FWD turbo car and you want a home come race Class T in MPC….the way of the future. Jose Sardinha


What a way to kick of a new season!! Regional Racing at its BEST, Super Saloons and Modified Production Cars at Midvaal. SS had 17 qualifiers and 15 finishers for the day. Willie took heat 1 from Terry, Ben and Amos Jnr. 2nd Heat went to Ben with Amos very close 2nd. Andries Marx were next up and Class B Ismael Peck 4th. MPC’s had 24 qualifiers and 21 finishers. Jose took 1st over the line in both heats, Dirk took 2nd followed by Willton and Warren after Chris’s late braking at end of straight on lap 1 while leading?? 2nd heat saw Chris 2nd with Dirk and Wilton next up.

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See some more pics of our history through Louis Gouws’s lens from the 80’s (About us – Clubmans history)

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