NEXT EVENT – Zwartkops 17 March 2018

Please see Zwartkops regs and entry form above.


Hi Clubmans

Next round of the championship will be at Zwartkops on the 17th March. Early bird entry price is until the 1st March so please get your entry in as early as possible to save yourself R 200. Television editing for the Midvaal show has been done and the show will start next weekend on the 10th, times will be posted as soon as we receive them. Midvaal event received some great exposure with 7 different newspaper articles and a huge social media presence. Big thank you to EV Dynamics for their support with the press and well done to our press people and photographers, thank you to those that shared the posts as that increases the exposure for all involved.

MOTUL handed out product hampers to two competitors at the noggin and also supplied two prizes for the winners of the index for Midvaal. For 2018 both classes will be branded on the windscreen as the MOTUL Clubmans Association. Modified Production Cars and Supersaloons categories will for 2018 both be title sponsored by MOTUL. Please ensure that you fit the red windscreen decal with the MOTUL decal on top of that. Sticker kits are available at Big Boss Auto. Clubmans members can also purchase all their MOTUL products at Big Boss Auto at a very special price.

The growth in MPC at Midvaal shows that the club has moved in the right direction and also the close racing on track made for some exciting spectacle with each person racing the car next to him as fast as he could go. Well done to those that competed and to all the trophy winners that got their trophies at the noggin. Index also worked out close so we are in the position to have a close and competitive championship, let’s get the grids full and go racing Supersaloons has the potential to deliver very spectacular racing as it did at Midvaal with top 4 cars crossing the line separated by only one second, really close, now the old Wesbank cars are gone is the opportunity for the old midpack to run up front, bring out those rotaries and the RX7’s  and all the other space framed cars that are standing and collecting dust. We need to ensure that there is a class for all the spaceframe cars to compete and against all the monocoque chassis cars.

Please submit your entry for Zwartkops as soon as possible let’s make it bigger than Midvaal and grow from there!



See MPC & Super Saloon pics above

Breakout times for all our circuits are now available, see above under 2018 Championship


More good news for the Inlands Championship, we now have a title sponsor for the Inlands championship which will assist in more press and advertising for the entire group. Many thanks to EV DYNAMICS for their support of Regional motorsport and we will carry your name high. For Clubmans, this will mean we have the services of two photographers and press at all events as well as the support from committee member Jannie Gerber who also always manages to catch the vibe of the day with his photographs and then does all the website updates, thanks.

First race for the year will be at Midvaal on the 17th FEB which should be a packed event as there are many classes on the day, so the Inland Championship should start with a bang. The day is sponsored by Amtec race fuels and you can expect some product displays and the usual festive atmosphere at the track. PLEASE GET YOUR ENTRIES IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE THAT PIT SPACE CAN BE RESERVED AND TROPHIES CAN BE ORDERED. It will also be a televised event!

For 2018 we will be doing a race programme for each event, advertising space is available for those that want or can also be used for driver profiles. Artwork must be in two weeks before the event. Currently 16-page programme booklets are planned for the events.

The club is offering corporate advertising member packages which will mean that your company or sponsor can be advertised by the club, the money will go to the club to assist in purchasing surplus trophies and index trophies and that the club can use this money for member incentives. It will cost only R4000.00 to become a corporate member and the benefits will be

  1. Advert in one programme through the year
  2. Logo and contact advertised on the website to promote the member and what his business can do
  3. Access to promote the business to members at noggin through a presentation
  4. Access to the social group for advertising
  5. Option of logos on trophies
  6. Press in Motorsport World and other press will also include corporate members names mentioned

Example, EV Dynamics Golf of Shane Kroon when mentioning driver then sponsor and driver will be mentioned in press

The idea is to create better interaction and support of our members business and that all members and supporters get to know what people do and how they can support them. There are many members that can benefit their business and sponsors through this medium and can then strengthen the club in what it can do for members. This money will be paid directly into the clubs account and will not be used for press.

Please submit your entries and make sure you have joined the club to be able to apply for your licence and reserve your number. Remember to race with us in 2018 you need to be a paid-up member of Clubmans.

Justin Robertson

Motul is new title sponsor for modified production cars for 2018 . Great news for clubmans competitors. Awesome product range that provides all your race car requirements. Special discount on all motul products for your race car . And a discount from retail for all your other cars . Keegan Pottas and Giles Darroch have received full product sponsorship for the season . We aim to have good incentives for all our members . Yokohama motorsport will be giving incentives for all members that race on yokohamas tyres . Index trophies for 1 st 2nd and 3rd at all events. Guarantee trophies for every class up to third at every event . Driver of the day award is back for every event with an award at the noggin for the recipient . Big boss auto will have a discount structure for members on many products . This is some of the news so far share this post that your friends know where to come race . Thank you motul for the support – Justin Robertson