NEXT RACE – Zwartkops 5 March 2016


Ben Morgenrood took his Mustang out to Red Star on the 26th January 2016, and we all are happy that, although some very tight corners, it will not be a problem for Super Saloons to race there.

My heartfelt thanks to Jaques and his team at Redstar Raceway for making the track available for testing of the Class GTA V8 Super Saloon category. I have to thank Ben and his team for giving up their time, not to mention Ben’s tedious task of having to drive a V8 Super Saloon time and time around the track. I am sure you all know that Red Star has a policy that the track direction is changed every six months. This means that if we race there in May we will race in an anti-clockwise direction, and if we race in November we will race in a clockwise direction. This required Ben to test in both directions, in fact on one particularly tight corner he tested both directions on the same lap! The run offs are smooth, and Ben’s statement that he did not have to do any three point turns at any of the corners. He also indicates that because of the smoothness of the track that it will be very kind to the tyres. The track side facilities are also SUPERB. Look forward to a great experience………Stewart

Red Star Ben16.jpg Red Star Ben13.jpg Red Star Ben 02.jpg

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