Shu what an amazing and tough racing day. Willie had one of the biggest accidents I have seen personally when he left the black stuff at FULL taps entering the table top. He hit the tyre barrier and cart wheel over the tyres and arm-co.  Paul Blackburn the well known photographer of Racepics were, I believe trapped underneath the barriers. Willie and Paul were taken to the hospital but according to reports both are OK. Get WELL soon!!

Obviously the race were red flagged and because of the delay to fix the barriers the 2nd MPC race (Last race of the day) started very late and in darkness closing quickly. At the start of lap 2 coming into the pit straight Jurgen lost it and Kenny T-boned him, in an action to avoid them, Jaun also spun and was hit by Kalyn, so 4 cars out. Jaun was also taken to hospital, Kalyn had a sore neck, but as far as we know they are all OK.

With the restart well into the winter darkness, the guys showed their sportsmanship and put up a great show. Jimmy and Giles had a great dice with Jimmy’s brake dics blazing in the darkness. Warren past Dirk at one stage to lead for a couple of laps. Dirk had to work hard to get the lead back  and take another double victory for the day. Special thanks to the organizers for allowing them to complete the 8 laps in very dark conditions. After a very eventful day it was quiet brave to let them race this late.

Midvaal Historics

To clear up from people who don’t know, Willie was in the Midvaal Historic race and because of their entries, they start behind our SRA’s in the same race. Also a great show from them too, they raced as if it was still midday. It was really impressive to see Carel Vos with his little Datsun Coupe coming into the pit straight, most of the time side ways, and it seems under control. Jannie van Rooyen (one of our old members) in his Scirocco took the their win after Willie’s accident and the disappearance of the Camaro V8 of Andre Diedericks in the 2nd heat. Deon van Vuuren (Ford Escort) and Seef Fourie Snr (Datsun 160 Coupe) both old Clubmans members finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Paul Blackburn Z 26.7 Willie 2 Willie 3 Willie 4 Willie Z 26.7 WillieKenny 1Jaun 1

6 Kyalami 23.8


See proposed regulation changes in “Regs”

See some more pics of our history through Louis Gouws’s lens from the 80′s (About us – Clubmans history)

L Goldfields Gideon Delport 1.jpg Colin Clay 1.jpg



CLASS A        George Smith        Jaguar V8

CLASS A2    WB van Niekerk      Tigra Mazda Turbo

CLASS B   Jody Viana    Mazda RX8 Rotary

Class B2    Chris Hoy    Renault Megane Turbo

Class C    Corrie Steyn     Peugeot Honda


CLASS A   Dirk Lawrence    Honda Ballade

CLASS B    Giles Darroch    VW Golf

CLASS C    Daniel de Sousa    Ford Ikon



Class C       Dino Rolandi       Nissan Sentra

All the other cars pulled of the circuit after warm-up lap?

 See in Classifieds, Jaguar  For Sale

George Smith Jag 1A



Zwartkops Saturday 26 July


Dirk took a double class A again!

z mpc dirk 1

Hard luck guys, still here in good shape, Jurgen and Kenny.

Z mpc Jurgen kenny 1


Well done George, 1st time out with us in the Jag and took overall win

z ss george 1

Great stuff also to Andries Marx, 1st time with us and took a 1st and 2nd for a 2nd in Class A for the day!!

z ss andries 1

Chris with two well deserved Class B2 wins, and does this car looks and sounds great on the track.

z ss chris 1 Well done Vaughn, 2 Class A2 2nd’s, but your times are really looking good.z ss vaughn 1