8 Midvaal

Midvaal winners Sat 20 September

Modified Production Cars

Class A   Dirk Lawrence   Honda 2000 16V

Class B   Adrian Dalton   Golf 2000 8V

Class C   Kenny Darroch   Golf 1600 8V

Sports Racing Acc

Class B    Mark Lauth    Nissan

Class C   Wiebe Top    Nardini

Super Saloons

Class A2     WB van Niekerk     Tigra Turbo (New Lap Record)

Class B     Amos Cockeram Snr      Tigra Rotary

Class B2   Devin Robertson  Renault Megane Turbo

Class C     Corrie Steyn     Tigra Toyota

See some more pics of our history through Louis Gouws’s lens from the 80’s (About us – Clubmans history)

L Goldfields Gideon Delport 1.jpg Colin Clay 1.jpg

For Sale

See in Classifieds MPC Golf, Super Saloons Mazda RX7

20140911_173127a z ss marcel 101_6822.jpg

Super Saloons Jaguar & MPC Bakkie

George Smith Jag 1ABantam 2