Pierre Jacobs

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write these words. Sadly Pierre passed away in hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning.Pierre had undertaken a fairly straightforward operation, believed to have been successful, and then took a turn for the worse and passed away.
Pierre has been a member of the Clubmans Association for many years, and a very respected technical contributor to the series. He was our Victor Ludorum in 1996, came second to Anton Brits in the Overall Championship and won Class E. More recently, Pierre’s son, Kyle has had tremendous success with his Golf Bakkie in the MPC Division of the Clubmans Association, and in true Pierre style, he also remained a member of the Association in order to be heard if the occasion arose.

I have had the privilege of both knowing Pierre and the family as well as doing business with Pierre and Kyle, Pierre’s smile and words of advice will be missed.

To Pierre’s wife Wendy, Kyle and his brother Bruce, we the Clubmans Members offer you our Prayers and condolences.

Travel fast in the safe lane above Pierre, R.I.P.

Stewart and Lolita Mclarty, and all the Clubmans Members

Welcome to 2015

 We had our first “Noggin”, which was really Membership Renewal and Race Car Number Allocation on Wednesday 14 January, 7.30 PM at the ERPM Golf Club, Boksburg.

 Thanks to the members, the year 2015 started of very successfully. We had 45 members that signed on Wednesday. A very special welcome to the GTA members that attended too, Don Vale, Andy Dickson, the three Wilfords, Larry, Terry and Ray, Franco di Matteo, our National Champ, Romano Sartori, Harry Mayer, Willie Hepburn (his plan we believe is to give the GTA’s a hard time with historic Opel) (Looking forward to this one) and then obviously, our own new Champions, Amos Cockeram Jnr, Dirk Lawrence, Kelvin Reynolds. Maybe even more important, welcome to ALL the other members. they must remember, without them, their will be no champions, and they are the future champions!!

Remember that Super Saloons Numbers are from 1 to 99, there are a few exceptions that we accommodate, but would like to keep as many as possible between those numbers. Classes GTA, A, A2, B, B2, C and D

 MPC Numbers are from 101 to 199, again one or two exceptions, but lets try and work within those numbers. Classes T, A, B and C

 Sports Racing Numbers are from 201 up. Classes A, A2, B, B2, C and D

As a lot of competitors are inclined to want to “keep” their allocated numbers only the “Winner” of each category will be allocated an Official Number and I would like the winner to use that number in 2015 ( The winners 2014 Race Number will not be allocated to anyone else and will be reserved)

  Super Saloons      Number 1        Amos Cockeram Junior

MPC        Number 101      Dirk Lawrence

Sports Racing       Number  201       Kelvin Reynolds

 As a gesture of goodwill the Number 01 will be allocated to Franco Di Matteo in Super Saloons as his “Championship Number” for winning the 2014 V8 Supercar Championship. All competitors from V8 Supercars that do not have a 2014 Super Saloons Number Allocated will be issued with an available vacant number. 

2014 Race Numbers will be reserved for each Competitor until Thursday 15 January (PROVIDED THAT THEIR 2015 MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE PAID BY WEDNESDAY 14 JANUARY AT THE NOGGIN AT LATEST), thereafter the slate will be wiped clean and new numbers allocated on demand as available.


Regional motorsport season starts at Midvaal Raceway

The first round of the northern regions regional motorsport championship will take place on the 14th of February 2015 at the Midvaal raceway in Meyerton . The track has a long history of being a track which produces excellent racing and the high speed back straight and tight technical sections make for some really close racing and a favorite amongst competitors that enjoy pushing their equipment to the limit .With the longest straight of the northern regions facilities the front runners in some of the categories will reach speeds around the 240 km per hour mark so those looking for some thrills will be in for a treat to attend and catch some good motorsport and enjoy a good day at the track . A highlight of the day will be the Big Boss Auto Super Saloon category which is now the host to the GTA Class which are monstrous V8 engined space frame cars and a full grid of these cars is enough to make the ground rattle when they hit the track . In the mix will also be the Class B Rotary contenders which will definitely be a challenge to many of the V8 cars so a real crowd pleaser . Yokohama Modified Production Car class will for 2015 also host a variety of front wheel drive turbo charged cars and will become the countries premier class for front wheel drive competition . Heading up that challenge will be multiple champion Devin Robertson in the Liqui Moly Renault Megane expecting some fierce competition from many other turbo charged cars representing their brand.

Midvaal raceway has catering facilities and a great venue for the family to enjoy a day at the race track . Make your way there on the 14 February and enjoy . For any inquiries please contact Nino on 083 601 7544

mpc a1 dirk bJDM Teamss b 1 amos

SPORTS RACING ASSOCIATION OVERALL CHAMPION – KELVIN REYNOLDSInland Championship - 2014Inland Championship - 2014


Congratulation Franco on taking the last V8 National title! Well done and definitely  deserved

See some more pics of our history through Louis Gouws’s lens from the 80’s (About us – Clubmans history)

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Super Saloons Jaguar, MPC Bakkie, SS 2 X Falcons

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