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Monday, 16 January 2017

Good Morning All,

I have just received a phone call from Allison at MSA.

Allison will confirm in writing to me today:

The Class GTA  Regulations as published by MSA in November will not be altered, unless for safety purposes or to clear up any obvious inaccuracies. Tireace remain the chosen Tyre supplier to the Series and no different Tyre/ Tyre and wheel configuration will be entertained.

This will mean that any competitor will need to “agree with Tireace” the supply of tyres from a third party, as done for the Cockerams in 2016. To be fair Larry has always accommodated these requests.

No additional Challenge/ Race Series will be permitted for Class GTA at  Kyalami or elsewhere in 2017.

In short, if you own a GTA Car and want to race it in 2017, MSA have provided a place and Regulations for it to compete, and this is with Super Saloons.

Kind Regards,


Also see letter from MSA above at 2017 Regs  “Super Saloons – GTA’s”Kyalami Clubmans 87

Dear All

Compliments of the season to everyone. I hope you all had a good holiday, and you are ready for the new year.

As you all know we have changed our licence system. Last year I informed you that all numbers can be booked online.

This seems to have changed. I will still be booking numbers for this year. Can you please inform all your competitors.

Below is a rundown on how the new licence system works should you receive any queries.

Could you please also send out a general email to your competitors so they know how the system works.

As the system is completely new all competitors must re-register. Their old login details will not work.

  1. They can only log in by going to our page and then clicking on the MSA online button on the left hand side.
  2. It will then take them to the MSA online webpage where they re-register.
  3. An email will be sent to them for a password verification. They must check their junkmail as it could end up  there
  4. Should competitors be over the age of 50 they will not be able to proceed without an ECG been approved by Dr Beer. Same would apply to any other medical conditions.
  5. All numbers can be booked through me.

With regards to your affiliation. If you have not confirmed with me please can do so as soon as possible.

We need to add your club onto our club list on the online system.

Kind regards,

Allison Atkinson

Sporting Coordinator – Circuit and Karting Road racing constants

Congratulations CAREL VAN BILJON

Congratulations to Carel Van Biljon on the John de le Hunt Award for 2016 he is very passionate and absolute petrol head of motorsport and South African motorsport, he deserves more credit than he gets.
Carel is a scrutineer and has been for over 40 years, he has given his absolute commitment to motorsport.
He had a punctured lung a week before a race meeting, he was discharged on the Thursday night, that same Friday he was at the track doing what he loves doing.
Carel even missed the funeral for one of his family members in order to attend a race meeting.
There are a number of times that Carel has put everything aside for motorsport, he is often looked over but without him making the sacrifices and being fully committed there would not be some races.
Carel you really do deserve this trophy and all the credit. Thank you for everything that you have done for motorsport, it is all much appreciated, hope to see you at the track again soon
Well done to Carel (Michael Kernick)carel-van-biljon

See 2017 Calendar and Regs above


Stewart McLarty, our Chairman since 1990. Congratulations and richly deserved!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TOO ALL OUR 2016 CHAMPIONSss-ben-overallss-ben-02ss-gt2-willie-01ss-gt2-willie-02ss-gt3-jody-01ss-gt3-jody-02ss-gt4-adrian-01ss-gt4-adrian-02ss-gt5-jimmy-01

mpc-adrian-overallmpc-adrian-02mpc-class-a-1mpc-class-bmpc-class-cmpc-class-t sra-stewart-overallsra-stewart-02 ss-ben-vl

MOTO 3 WORLD CHAMPIONbrad-binder-04

What a CHAMP, Brad Binder. After falling back to 22nd position on Sunday’s final race, he came through the field to take his 7th victory of the season. His 142 point winning margin was only 5 points short of an all-time record.