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All members please note that Zwartkops operates on an early bird discount system for their entries, If you enter before the closing date then your entry will cost you R1550.00, if you enter after the 29th of March then your entry will cost R1750.00. Please get your entries in as soon as possible that they can also print programmes and also do pit allocations. See Regs and entry form above

Stewart McLarty

Stewart became Clubmans Chairman in 1991 when he was elected at the AGM and he took over from Sean Cunningham. In 1993 I approached him about the scoring and I became the club scorer. Gordon (Slabbert) were already Secretary and the three of us walk together until Gordon decided to breakaway from motorsport because of his wife’s illness a year or so ago. The scoring was taken over by Jeanette in the meantime but I stayed on the committee. Now in all the time, I saw all the changes in Clubmans, from Handicap (staggered starts) racing to sprint racing as we know it today. We’ve been through low’s, like when we had 5 finishers at a Kyalami event. One year we had 5 competitors joining Clubmans in the beginning of the year. Namely Stewart, myself, most probably Gordon, Anton Brits and Jannie van Rooyen (or perhaps Andy Gossman) I’m talking under correction. But every time the Club would rise under his leadership again, and became stronger. Yes, he made mistakes, we are all human, but he gave so much to the club, sacrificed so much, he gave it all. He organised the away tours in the late 90’s, Maputo, Aldo Scribante and East London. The biggest change in Clubman’s format came when he came with this brainwave to split the last race at Midvaals entry of 12 cars into 2 groups. This was towards the end of 2008. How insane is that, to split 12 cars, from Willie’s Chev to my Uno into 2 groups. But it worked!! In the first event after that we had 12 cars in MPC’s only, and 24 in Super Saloons. At one event at Zwartkops we had more than 50 entries in the 2 groups combined. Just remember I came from an era where Clubmans had 60 or more entries per race. Now in this current era we’ve got to compete against all these other club and regional categories like Silver Cup, VW Challenge, Superhatch, 111’s etc. I think the last few months were just the final straw. This started more or less 3 years ago, I’m not going to expand on that. Hats of the man that gave so much for Clubmans (and motorsport), his personal live were planned around Clubmans, between him and Lolita they planned and organised every annual prize giving for the last 26 years. I hope you are still going to enjoy your racing!!! I cannot stop this writing without thanking the most important person in his live for what she did not only for him but also for Clubmans. Lolita, you are a SUPERWOMEN, THANK YOU!!! Jannie Gerber

An extract from my notes at our Noggin last night. (16-03-2017

  1. General Open

As you are aware we had a Committee Meeting prior to tonight’s Noggin.

My main reason for requesting that Meeting was to advise the Committee that I have finally had enough, and that I am resigning as Chairman of Clubman’s.

There will be an AGM at the next Noggin. Until the AGM our Vice Chairman, Justin Robertson will overlook the Association.

It all really started late last year; I spent hours either in meetings or with e mails to and from MSA regarding the possibility of Class GTA wanting to race with another Series.

I am not going to go through just how many times things were changed, after every change I would start to get the calls and e mails from the “others”, those that wanted a different version.

In addition to this I was dealing with…….

I had made a mistake, for the past few years half of our Year End Awards trophies were paid for by Justin and the marketing. I took it for granted that the same would apply at the end of 2016, but when I mentioned it to Justin he said he would see what he could do, this after I had already committed to the trophies for the event. The short of it is that Marketing did not settle the outstanding account so all I could do was “play for time” waiting for our Members to renew their 2017 Membership so that I could settle the outstanding account. Hence no Index Trophies this year and an enormous task for the Year End Function if there is one.

At times I got the feeling that I attended meetings with ghosts, as we agreed on one thing, but as we leave the meeting a different aspect would be then be questioned by one of the attendees.

Due to these “points” I had to constantly adjust what I thought were already made decisions and confirm my thinking with MSA.

Don’t forget that every one of these people had some sort of vested interest so agreement between all parties was never going to happen, I became the punching bag. People would blatantly say one thing to my face and another behind my back.

This on top of the constant Whats App messages, whereby I am slighted and blamed for everything from Pit Allocation, cost of entries and even trophy allocation. This has just exhausted me.

It’s time for me to probably get emotional, thank all of you that have supported me in the past, what can I say to Lolita, the last 4 or 5 months must have been hell for her, for that I truly apologise. I’ve decided it’s time to look forward to my new direction in Motorsport, and will be competing in a completely different category.

Goodbye Clubman’s Association.

The club committee and club members would all like to thank Stewart for all his years of effort and dedication to motorsport and our clubs involvement . We thank him  for his  time and sacrifices to manage the situations  he has been  faced with by running the clubmans association . the committee  will put out a letter on Monday with a plan forward and what the procedure will be . The club has a constitution and rules and a core of passionate members some of whom may need to assist with some of their time to the benefit of the group along with the rest of the club  .  The procedure for an AGM is that all nominations  to  stand on the committee must be in writing to the committee and will then get presented to the members at the AGM where a vote will get taken , the committee will then have final vote for chairman.  The club  and committee are  in a position to handle arising matters and continue on its way forward   and will  be a platform for those that want to enjoy their motorsport . concerns can be addressed directly to myself on we can resolve your concerns . Regards Justin Robertson

Dear Stewart,

Wayne has forwarded your below email on to me.

There are certainly few categories of South African motorsport that have become as synonymous with one person as Clubmans/Super Saloons has with you.  The category, and indeed regional racing in general, owes you a huge debt of gratitude.

I would like to extend MSA’s sincere thanks to you and Lolita for the tremendous contribution you have made to local motorsport over so many years, and wish you all the very best with your future endeavours in the sport.

Kind regards,

Adrian Scholtz

Chief Executive Officer


Lonika also holding the Lap record for GTA and GTA AM now with a time of 1min 55,852sek (anti-clockwise)

On the subject of lap records, a mistake crept in at the Midvaal results, she also got the lap record there for GTA AM with a time of 1min 7,603 sec – apologies for this one – Jannie Gerber


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Just a reminder to all Clubmans Competitors, please send your 2017 licence number to Jeanette for the new MSA score sheet. You can Whattsapp her at 0836798552 or mail her to